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houston museum of natural science

Houston Museum of Natural Science

Houston Museum of Natural Science.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is a science museum on the northern part of Hermann Park in Houston. Its main features are a dinosaur hall and other permanent exhibits. There is also a planetarium, an IMAX theatre, butterfly house, and much more. It has been one of the most popular museums across the United States since its creation in 1909. They have many parking lots throughout their space. 

Parking spaces for guests with mobility limitations are available. They are available in each parking lot throughout the museum. They offer resources for those with sensory sensitivities or those affected by disorders on the autism spectrum. 

Motorcycle parking is available in main parking lots. There is no alternative parking lot for motorcycles. Motorcycles are subject to standard parking fees and rates. 

Motorcycle parking is also available too. Motorcycles are subject to the same rate as regular cars are.  

Oversized vehicle parking is also available. Oversized vehicles will need to make arrangements in advance to secure proper permits.